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Foreign country

What is a Foreign country means?

Going to a foreign country is certainly an interesting thing. It’s fun to the point that one could say there is no bad side to it. However, like a new toy, once one becomes used to it, they understand the reality of the situation. After talking with various foreigners living in Japan, I discovered that there are four stages in Culture Shock.


foreign country :

foreign country

The first stage is heaven. Having just come to Japan, every day there are lots of new experiences occurring one after the other, similar to love at first sight. When I first came to Japan, almost every day I was doing only fun things like going to karaoke, parties, and eating out. I thought “Japan is a great place.” There are many good things about Japan.


For instance, it’s a very safe foreign country, there are many interesting places, and most Japanese people are very kind. However, that sort of fun can’t go on forever. After five months had passed, I entered the second stage: the stage of criticism.

Negativity around :

When the second stage starts, one realizes that there are bad points about the “Perfect Japan” that they had been idealizing, so they become disappointed and begin to criticize it. The first thing that got to me was always being told, “You sure are good at Japanese, aren’t you,” by Japanese people. I don’t know if Japanese people are aware of it or not, but it bothers me when they say that. It feels like they are looking down on me. It was okay the first one-hundred times, but every time is a little too much. At this point, I’d like everyone to just talk to me like a normal person without complimenting me.

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Another thing that bothered me was being discriminated against. When I say discrimination, I don’t necessarily mean being looked down upon, but being looked at as a special person. Of course, being a white person in Japan does make me stand out, but being watched in school, trains, wherever I go is, as one might expect, unpleasant. There is also the illegal kind of discrimination. According to one of my friends in Japan a foreign country, there are spas in Hokkaido that foreigners aren’t allowed in. If you tell them you’ll see there’s a chance they’ll let you in, but for foreigners who don’t know much Japanese, it might be hard. Discrimination when looking for an apartment also happens a lot. Most apartment complexes are privately owned enterprises so prohibiting foreigners is legal, but it is definitely discrimination.


The length of the second stage varies from person to person. For me, it went on for about three months. After that, the third stage, in other words, the stage of Acceptance begins. If there were only bad things in Japan, all the foreigners would go home, so there are clearly good things as well. In the third stage, one realizes that there are both good and bad things about Japan. From this point, one accepts Japan as it is, and begins to live their life normally.


The fourth stage is assimilation. Naturally, when someone lives in a place for a long time, they become like the people around them. Most foreigners are aware of the fact that they will return to their own countries after a number of years, so they intentionally live such that they don’t become like a Japanese person. Thus, the number of people who enter the fourth stage is small. However, the fact that I have spoken with a foreigner who was almost exactly the same as a Japanese person, is proof that that kind of person exists.
All countries have good points and bad points. Whether one notices or not depends on their attitude. Of course, there are also people who don’t follow these four stages, but according to the foreigners who talked with me, to some extent this phenomenon is truthful.


foreign country

everything around us is for a reason, whether it is a country or it is any other object, whether it is sun or moon or whether they are people, everything around us has some reason to exist and these reasons cannot be denied but where when we call about the good things, at the same time we have negative aspect of that thing too in this world. for example, if the sun shines and gives us light then that’s true that it also gives us a lot of heat when some times become harm for us.

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