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Useful Mattresses For Pregnancy

Getting a good night sleep is essential for health. And sleeping on your own bed is not less than asleep in heaven but what if you have sleepless nights due to the bed?  Or what if are not comfortable on your own bed? What would you feel if have to go office tomorrow earlier and now are cannot sleep because of your bed? Is this fault is of bed? No. the answer of all these questions are given below as sleep is a very important part of a man’s life. According to research if you don’t get sleep in 11 days you will die. So make your sleep good. But now the question is how? All depends on your mattress.



A specific flat, firm, soft surface to sleep. We can sleep anywhere in our house but the mattress is a specific place to sleep. Or we can define it as it is a part of bed filled with firm material which makes the bed comfortable and makes us sleep on a smooth surface so whenever we get up we feel fresh and no agony in the body.


Types of mattress:

There are different types of it like:

  • Innerspring:  that contains a steel coil support system inside.

  • innerspring mattress
  • Pillow – top:  that has an additional upholstery layer onto its top

  • pillow-top mattress
  • Hybrid: that contains steel coil support system inside with one or different types of foams (may be of gel, or of fiber or, polyurethane, etc.)

  • hybrid mattress
  • Specialty foam: contains one or different types of foams as a support system.

  • Specialty foam
  • Gel: uses foam that is made up of the gel.

  • gel mattress
  • Airbed:  that uses adjustable sir chamber as a support system.

  • airbed
  • Latex: uses latex foam as a support system.

  • latex mattress
  • Memory foam. (Viscoelastic mattress): uses high-density polyurethane foam as a support system.

  • memory foam mattress
  • Waterbed:  uses the water chamber as a support system.

  • waterbed mattress
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What are the categories on which you have to choose your mattress?

First of all, you should know the difference between the mattress types so that if you are in a shop to select, you would know that what is the difference between in airbed and latex, etc. then secondly you should know that you are looking for. Sometimes you don’t know what type you need at that time if you choose the wrong mattress then this going to disturb you a lot in the future. Now third but not the last one, you should ask or if you can then observe it that whether that foam offers you better body support. Definitely, the last answer can be given after checking it.

Mattress for pregnancy:

pregnancy and mattress

Our body goes through several changes during the pregnancy time period. So we need some special treatments in everything, as we need extra food, more energy, extra water, etc. similarly we need extra in mattress during the pregnancy.

pregnancy and mattress

Your sleep is very important during the pregnancy, the well you sleep the well will be the growth of the baby. Lack of sleep makes you duller and physically unfit. Pregnancy can cause wakefulness. Moreover, pregnancy can havoc your hormones, which may result in insomnia. Restless leg syndrome or leg cramps get more severe when pregnant. Heartburn, sleep apnea, nausea, and snoring can get extremely worse during pregnancy. So, after all this, you need a mattress which has memory foam or latex foam, which have the cool surface, which has medium firmness because more or less firm can cause uncomfortable environment for you during the sleeping. It should have motion isolation.

Best mattress:

  • Loom and leaf:  

It is 12 inches thick and has 4 layers of plant-based specialty memory foam which is more breathable. As a baby need pampered thing similarly this foam provides the pampered care to the mother who is 9 months pregnant. It has a gel layer which causes the cool layer to be on the top of the mattress so you and your baby have a comfortable sleep.

URL: https://www.loomandleaf.com/

  • Tempur – pedic cloud luxe breeze :

It is a responsive mattress. It confirms your body movements and shape. It is an all foam mattress that provides you a plush feel and yet offer enough adjustable support needed on your head and back.

URL: https://www.galleryfurniture.com/MBTPCDLXBREEZE20.html

  • Nectar:

This foam offers you a lifetime grantee. It is an excellent choice of expectant moms due to its high-quality materials and comfortable at a very affordable price. It is 11 inches thick and it is composed of 4 layers of different foams. It provides great contour, motion isolation, and support. It has less sinkage yet has a great push back. It gives you great support and comfort, no matter which position you are sleeping.

URL: https://www.nectarsleep.com/mattress

  • Orthopedic:

The orthopedic mattress gives you comfort. As in pregnancy we much face the problem of pain in different parts of the body, like we feel pain in arms or foot, especially our backside is affected by pain due to another person in us. So orthopedic mattress gives us a comfort zone to sleep and take rest.

URL: https://www.sleepreports.com/best-orthopedic-mattresses/

  • Casper wave:

Another good mattress suggested for the pregnant ladies and it has a medium firm and has double layers to get more softness for a pregnant lady. According to a research, there was a pregnant woman sleeping on her mattress, suddenly the 4.4 earth quack come but she did not feel so and kept sleeping because of the softness and comfortableness of a mattress. This is the main advantage of the mattress.  

URL: https://www.tuck.com/casper-mattress-review/


man has made his life easy as much as he can do. pregnancy is one of the most important and changing life parts of someone’s life so that why today we have a variety of mattresses on which we can sleep. we have the mattress for different body shapes and different body temperature. life gives us challenges and we have to dream big to overcome those challenges.

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