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Past papers for FSc board exams. |Chemistry

Past papers for the FSc part-one class board examination.

As we see a lot of competition around us during exams so how can we get success? It is very easy if we have guess papers and past papers then nil people can also pass the exam.

chemistry past papers :


past papers include short question/answers given below:

  • Write names and symbol of an element from s-block that has zero oxidation state. Also, write its electronic configuration.
  • Why melting and boiling points of elements belonging to groups VA-VllA lower?
  • The solution of Na2O in water is alkaline, justify the statement.
  • Define Metalloid. Give reactions of metalloid of group IIIA with oxygen.
  • Give uses of lead suboxide.
  • Show that H3BO3 is monobasic acid?
  • How Al finds its uses in metallurgy and photoflash bulbs?
  • Write formulas of chromate and dichromate ions. In which color they usually exist?
  • Name three allotropic forms of phosphorous?
  • How aqua-regia does dissolve gold?
  • The elements of Vlll-A group are called noble gases. Comment
  • Define noble gasses
  • Why noble gases are rare?
  • How halogen acids are ionized in the water?
  • Define the homocyclic compounds, give an example.

Short questions:

  • Define hybridization. Also, give some examples.
  • What are fused rings aromatic compounds? Give an example.
  • Predict the major product of bromination of nitrobenzene. Also, give some examples.
  • Mention four uses of ethane
  • Mention four uses of ethene
  • What is the difference between ethane and ethene?
  • Sigma bonds are inert in alkanes. Justify
  • Discuss E mechanism?
  • Write two uses of methanol and ethanol
  • How will you distinguish between methanol and ethanol?
  • Picric acid is a phenol which behaves like an acid. Is this true?
  • Discuss how ethers belong to an inert class of organic compound.
  • What are amino acids?
  • Discuss the difference between acidic and basic amino acids?
  • Explain one method of formation of formaldehyde from methyl alcohol. Explain with diagram.
  • Give on reaction for the formation of an acetal.
  • In what way oil and fats are different?
  • Define Enzyme.
  • Discuss the properties of the enzyme.
  • Are classical elements essential for plant growth?
  • Enlist steps involved in the manufacturing of urea.
  • Write down a note on Diammonium phosphate


long questions considered as subjective part of past papers.

  • What are acid rains? Give reasons.
  • Explain periodic trends in the following physical properties: (i) Atomic Radius (ii) electron affinity.
  • Describe eight points of role of lime in industries.
  • Explain the reforming of petroleum with the help of a suitable example.
  • What are SN reactions? Differentiate between different types of SN?
  • Convert the following: (i) Propyne to acetone (ii) Ethyne into oxalic acid
  • Discuss the reaction of ethanol and propanone with: (i) Hydroxylamine (ii) Phenyl Hydrazine
  • Define Friedel Crafts Reactions. Give mechanism with an example of Friedel Craft’s Acylation Reaction?
  • Define Zwitter ion. Discuss the effect of acidic and basic medium on the dipolar ion structure of amino acid.
  • How steel can be manufactured by Bessemer’s Process?
  • Explain the process of incineration of industrial waste.

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  • Describe the 6th period of the modern periodic table.
  • The oxidation states vary in a period but remain constant in a group. Give reasons
  • Why KO2 is used in breathing equipment’s for mountaineers and in spacecraft?
  • Point out how Boron is different from its own group?
  • Write names and formulas of four important boric acids.
  • How weathering phenomena convert potassium feldspar into clay?
  • How nitrogen dioxide is prepared from (a) Lead nitrate (b) Cu+HNO3?
  • Justify the hydrosulphuric acid act as dehydrating agent by writing suitable equations.
  • HF is weak acid while HI is a strong acid Give reason.
  • What are Freon and Teflon?
  • 2-butyne does not show geometrical isomerism but 2-butene does. Give reasons.
  • Differentiate between alicyclic and aromatic compounds.
  • Define Catenation?
  • Convert benzene and acetophenone?
  • Write the structural formula for two compounds (a) vinyl acetylene ?(b) But-3-en-1-yne
  • How will you prepare 1-butanol using ethyl magnesium bromide?
  • Give two methods for the preparation of phenol.


  • Distinguish between tertiary alcohol and primary alcohol as an example.
  • Manipulate the term “Esterification” using ethyl alcohol as an example.
  • Apply your knowledge to convert formaldehyde into ethyl alcohol
  • Give a general mechanism of acid catalyzed addition reactions of aldehydes.
  • Give chemical changes in two steps that occur by the addition of Tollen’s Reagent to an aldehyde in attest tube and heated.
  • Define Epoxy Resins. Give their importance.
  • Differentiate between fats and oils.
  • Define the saponification number.
  • Ammonium nitrate is a useful fertilizer for many crops except paddy rice. Why?
  • Name four argillaceous materials used for the manufacturing of cement.
  • Pulp formed by digestion is washed at the pulp washing stage. Why is it essential?
  • Detergents are a threat to aquatic life. Explain.


  • Discuss the various period in the modern periodic table.
  • Explain the construction of Down’s cell. Give reactions taking place at cathode and anode.
  • What is meant by reforming of petroleum? Explain knocking and octane number in regards.
  • Explain: (a) Nucleophile (b) Electrophile (c) Substance (d) Leaving group.
  • How does ethyne react with Hydrogen and Alkaline?
  • Distinguish between (i) Butanone and 3-Pentanone (ii) Acetaldehyde and Benzaldehyde
  • Write down the mechanism of the reactions between acetic acid and ethanol.
  • Distinguish between cathode coating and anode coating of iron.
  • Write down the effects of acid rain.

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