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Alexander Loginov (biathlon) | Career | Worlds_Championship

Alexander Loginov (biathlon)

Alexander Loginov (biathlon) Russia’s Alexander Loginov shot scrub to win his first-ever IBU World Championship, taking the men’s sprint Gold medal this evening in Antholz in 22:48.1. France’s Quentin Fillon Maillet, with one sanction and retribution, won the Silver medal, with one retribution, 6.5 seconds back. Loginov started executive in ...

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American Football | History and Progressed Future

American Football

American Football: American football bunch of two teams of eleven players on a rectangular bawn. The offense, the team with the proprietorship of the oval-shaped football, endeavor to advance down the bawn by running with the ball or passing it, while the shielding, the team without proprietorship of the ball, ...

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Football Planet | England Football | Football History


Football Planet We all do different works in our lives, even drinking a single glass of water is also a work done by us. And work is not just related to job or study, work includes all those activities in which our body is used. Working includes many things but ...

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